Trend Revival- The Shell Suit From The 80s Is Back!

If you are someone who enjoys vintage fashion, it is very likely that you have heard about the shell suit from the 80s. The inspiration for the shell suit was certainly its distant cousin – the track suit, but can you really wear that ensemble in 2018? Well, experts believe that the shell suit is back with a bang, and this time, not everyone is going is be embarrassed with the idea. Yes, the shell suit might have been a trending item in the 80s, critics had many things to say about the loud colors and use of nylon to say the least. The shell suit made everyone look like a gym junkie, and it was fun. So, it’s back in trend, and below are some of the things you need to know.


The relevance today

In recent years, sportswear inspired clothing has found takers everywhere – right from the runways to the departmental stores. It all can be credited to the shell suit of the 80s, which was later considered to be a faux pas in 1990s. Back then, people who owned one of these shell suits didn’t really want to admit that they were in love with the idea, and many of them stored these suits somewhere in the attic. However, in 2000s, the shell suit made a comeback, when Adidas collaborated with Alexander Wang to create similar designs.

Things to know

So, the shell suit from the 80s was a -piece ensemble. The first ones were made of nylon and were quite popular, but soon after, polyester and mixed fabrics found a way into the market. The design was heavily inspired by the track suit, but instead of the thick jersey top, it was more like a shell cover, which was lighter, and hence the name – the shell suit. Of course, the colors used in recent years have changed, and you have more subtle and wearable shades in sportswear inspired fashion, but there is no denying that the shell suit is here to stay and will keep finding love among vintage lovers.

For those who like to shop for authentic vintage stuff, there are online stores that sell shell suits and you will find quite a few choices. Don’t forget to check the bright colors, which will return to the forefront of fashion sooner or later. Also, do check the size and find a store that stocks a genuine collection of vintage items, including accessories.