Things you need to get Ombre nails

Like every other girl, you must have checked websites like and must have wondered about getting Ombre nails. basically, Ombre means shaded. Your nails will have a range of matching colors, moving from one to another in a smooth transition. Now, getting Ombre nails at home might require a lot of effort, but thankfully, you need a lot of tools. Since there are a lot of tutorials online, let’s just talk of the things you will need. First and foremost, check for designs that are inspiring and pick a range of colors. Ombre nails look best when you move from a lighter shade from the top to a darker shade around the tips.

You will also need a makeup sponge, also otherwise known as a makeup blender. Don’t pick the expensive ones, because after one use, the sponge is not of much use. You also need a base and a top coat.