Hairstyles Your Little Girl Will Surely Love

Do you have little girls for your home? Well there are really times when because a couple is looking for a boy, they ended up with two to three little girls. Is this also your situation? You don’t need to be sad as in fact, cute little girls are a lot better than cure little boys. You see, girls can help in house chores and they are more obedient. Besides, when they grow up, you will have companions in your home which is not the same when you only have boys since most of the time, boys are always out.


Yes, and most of all, girls can be dolled. You can dress them prettily and you can also do their hair. For sure you will really have a good time especially that there are now a number of website that provide suggestions on cute girls hairstyles. That is right and you can even get some great ideas in this page as well. Check out below some of the easy to do hairstyles for girls that even dads can do them:

Cris-crossed Braid – what you will do is simply, gather some hair at the top of your child’s head and create two ties so that each tie will at least have the same amount of hair. When that is done, you can then gather the remaining hair and create the same two ponytails. After that, cross the first two ponytails and join each ponytail to the other ponytails below. You can do some variations like cross a number of times for your child’s hair to be more unique.

Good Cute Little Girls Hairstyles - Dodies

Twisted Ponytal–This type of hairstyle will generate an elegant looking hair and this is quite easy to do. You can start by parting the hair to just one side. Then separate a thin lock of hair that is close to her face yet above the ear and then twist it into a braid. You can ask your girl to hold the hair at this point. Then, making use of a comb, you can now gather the remaining hair and have it join the bundled up hair so that a low ponytail will be generated that is slightly positioned to one side. Just loosen the tie of the hair so that it will look like a flowing ponytail.

Asymmetric Bun–this is quite easy though the result is still elegant. All you need to do is gather the hair to one side and form a ponytail. When that is done, twist all the hair so that a bun will be formed this time and then, tie it to hold the bun together. You can also use hairpins so that no hair will fall.


This is just some of the hairstyles you can do to your little girl so that she can look cure yet sophisticated in going to school. She will also look clean and tidy with these types of hairstyles. And since this is quite simple, this can just be done in a jiffy.

Author Bio – Rachael Kuchter is a pro when it comes to the different hairstyles thus to assist others be in trend, she created an online link with different fashionable hairstyles for all types of hair and for all ages.

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