Dressing Well For the First Day of College

Your first day of college can be super exciting and it’s one of the most important days of your life. You’ve wait all your life to get into to college, to not have to wear your monotonous school uniform anymore and get to live life with a lot more freedom. It’s the day you make the most number of lasting first impressions of your life. You need to rock this day, grab the stage and the spotlight, or just play it cool with a mysterious aura that makes people go crazy with curiosity. But the sudden absence of your school uniform can leave you in a panic state trying to decide what on Earth you’re going to wear.

Here’s some expert advice on it so that you rock that day

Try a hairstyle you couldn’t in school but always wanted to

You’ve probably spent all your school life wearing a hairstyle that either your parents chose for you or the school rules declared. Doing this wouldn’t have left much room to try out those amazing hairstyles you saw in your favorite magazines and movies. This is the time to try them all out and pick the best one for your first day. It would make you feel good and be the closest to the hairstyle that defines the real you, or at least a part of it.


College is the time to accessorize like never before and never after. You can go crazy with wrist bands from your favorite bands and pop culture references. You can try out the classiest watches you didn’t take to school, including smart watches. If you are on the lookout for such watches, you can check out the amazing collection of Movado on Tata Cliq. These watches are perfect for college students as they combine coolness with functionality at a fairly good price. You can also go all out with your flashy jewelry. Do what defines you.Pick a “you” outfit

Your clothes should be something that totally defines you. You can go with a classic shirt look to be a little formal yet classy or just go with a tee and jeans. The more casual category of clothes is available in a great variety from the brand g star. It’s almost like it’s been tailored for freshmen. The choices are endless. You can also freely wear a statement tee that references your favorite marvel character. The best way here is to be spontaneous and choose one week prior and then work to improve it every day of the week.

Be confident

The most important thing that will make sure you rule on your first day would be confidence. You got this with an average outfit, you’ll still rule though even the best outfit can’t make up for confidence.

So follow these tips and go rule your first day.