Designing Hair

Everything we find beautiful is a product of good design. Art, music and fashion are all created by people who understand the principles of design and how they relate to what they’re creating. At the Academy of Hair Design, you will use creativity to make hair look beautiful. Here are some of the things you’ll learn as you study how to work with hair.

Designing Hair


It’s important to understand hair texture. It affects how light is reflected and how hair moves. Texture can tell you whether a particular style will be easy or difficult to achieve. Texture can be seen and felt. Many clients struggle with their hair texture. You can help them have better hair by teaching them how to work with it. Alternatively, there are treatments to change hair texture.


Color theory addresses important basics like color temperature and color shades. Is a color warm, neutral or cool? On a scale of lightest to darkest, where does it fall? You’ll learn to answer these questions, and why they’re important. Later you’ll put this knowledge to work by learning to dye hair and teach clients how to maintain color. This is an exciting time for hair color, as people now wear colors from every shade of the rainbow.


You’ll learn to look at shapes and how they relate to other shapes. Which shapes are most attractive in relation to each other? How does movement affect shape? You’ll explore which shapes will give the client the type of results they want. Changing a hairstyle’s shape can make it look more polished or interesting. It makes a statement. Lots of hairstyles can be styled multiple ways for different looks. You’ll learn styling techniques and how to create a range of looks.

Putting It All Together

At the Academy of Hair Design, you’ll learn about the topics described above and how to use them together. This is how art is created. You’ll learn how to discuss these concepts with clients and transform their look. Other clients may want more subtle changes; in those cases you’ll make small changes to their hair shape or color. You are the artist and your medium is hair.

Learning these concepts and putting them into practice is your journey to becoming a talented hair professional. Your results will satisfy clients and make them feel confident. It all starts with good design.

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