Beauty Services That All Salons Should Have

Salons, spas and beauty parlours can carry a variety of services to appeal to clients like hair styling, manicures and massages. Salons can grab the attention of more customers and build their business by responding to current beauty trends and adding these new services on their lists. Every salon should offer semi-permanent makeup, microblading and lash extensions to keep their regular clients and bring in new ones.

Customers will come into salons looking for the latest trends and hottest styles coming out of Hollywood and social media. They will ask for the full eyebrows of celebrities like Emma Watson and Cara Delevingne, and the long lashes of Kim Kardashian. Salons need to be prepared with the services that can give their clients these superstar looks, like semi-permanent makeup, microblading and lash extensions. These services require specific training and certification— you can learn more at Lashforever Canada and sign up your salon professionals to get these important credentials.

Semi-Permanent Makeup

Semi-permanent makeup is designed for long-lasting results, so that clients don’t have to redo their makeup every morning, followed by frequent touch-ups throughout the day. One fantastic example of semi-permanent makeup courtesy of Lashforever Canada is semi-permanent mascara. This mascara has the look of a full and luxurious coat of mascara, but only needs to be applied professionally every two to four weeks. If a client doesn’t want to commit to lash extensions, semi-permanent mascara is an excellent alternative with similar results.


Microblading is a specific form of semi-permanent makeup, which involves tattooing blades of hair onto a client’s brow-line. The blades are designed to blend in with the eyebrow hairs, which is why the beauty professional has to mix the microblading colour to match the client’s natural hair ahead of time. Since this service involves tattooing, the beauty professional needs to be thoroughly trained and certified to complete the task properly. Ideally, they should sign up for a three day microblading training course to learn aesthetic techniques like brow measuring, colour touch up, brow mapping and pigments. They will also be required to learn about safety precautions and procedures for sanitization, sterilization and client after care. The results of microblading lasts for years, so you will want to have enough training to do the safest and neatest appointment possible.

Lash Extensions

This service is one of the most common in the industry, since extensions last so much longer than regular false eyelashes—false eyelashes are usually worn for a night, whereas lash fills for extensions are typically done every three to four weeks. The company LashforeverCanada uses a custom blend of silk and mink extensions to give the appearance of luxurious and voluminous eyelashes.

The best beauty services that salons should offer right now are semi-permanent makeup, microblading and lash extensions. If salons make sure that their staff members are certified and trained to conduct these services, they will appeal to the latest beauty trends and draw in more clients.