7 Steps For Choosing The Right Electronic Nail Filing Machine!

Cleaning, shaping and buffing nails can be quite a time consuming job. To skip the effort, most people choose to go for professional services, where manicurist and nail technicians take care of the entire task and offer other assistance related to nail art. If you own a salon or offer nail art, you should invest in what is known as the e-filing machine. An electronic nail filing machine looks like a big and bulky pen and helps in shaping and buffing nails, without extensive time and effort. Buying one may seem like confusing, given that a whole range of brands have emerged in the market. Here are some quick pointers for help.

  1. Check the brands available in the market today. You can check reviews of electric nail files by designs Authority, and there are other also portals, where you can find a list of best models. Keep an eye for the brands that are well placed by customers in reviews.
  2. Secondly, check the price you can afford. Some models come for as cheap as $40, while others can cost a few hundred dollars. Since we are talking about professional use, you need to look for options that can survive consistent use. Paying for a better model is a good idea, instead of looking for something that would need replacement in few months.

  1. Consider the use of the drill. This largely determines the overall cost of the electric nail file. If you need something that would be used for more than a few times a day, it’s best to go for models that are designed for extensive use in salons.
  2. The next thing to check is the RPM rate. RPM stands for revolutions per minute, and it largely defines the overall speed of the concerned machine. For natural nails and simple manicure steps, you don’t need a speed more than 6000 RPM, but for extensive use, you have to be extra careful and choose something with at least maximum speed of 25000 RPM.

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  1. Check other things that might be included in the package. Some models come with a foot pedal, while other manufacturers may offer free carbide bits. Take your time to compare the choices with regards to what you get in the price.
  2. A good electronic nail filing machine should be easy to use and must be noise free. As such, the shape and design of the concerned machine is quite important. Make sure that the design fits the hand well, so that you don’t have an issue in using the tool for intricate nail art. Also, check for vibration level. Extreme vibration can shake your hands during the sessions with the client, which might impact the results.
  3. Lastly, don’t choose models that are low on functions and settings. For salons and professional use, the settings are extremely important, as the utilities can be quite versatile. Manicurists often look for electronic nail filing machine that are uniquely designed to fit multiple needs.

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Author Bio – Mary Janet is a known blogger by passion and a pedicure/manicure expert by profession. Apart from her salon, she also works with beauty blogs and websites around the world.

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