Taking your Bike on Holiday

Have you ever arrived at your holiday destination, looked around and wished you’d brought your bike? Many of us have experienced this slight regret at some point in our lives, yet with modern solutions, your bicycle can be an essential addition to the holiday luggage. It makes sense to have that two-wheeled option, as we all have an instinctive desire to check out the immediate surroundings when we arrive in a strange place.

Bike on Holiday1

If you spent some time RV watching in either America or Australia, you’d be hard pushed to find one that didn’t have a bike rack. So, with self-driving holidays becoming popular in the UK, taking the bike on tour is a great idea, as it gives you the ability to have a quiet ride around the area. You may want to sample some dirt trails, or do some mountain riding, or just experience the wonders of nature, as you slowly ride along. Make sure you have the proper cycling clothing, which can be obtained from an online supplier.

Bike mobility

With a set of suitable bike racks, one can take at least two bicycles on one car. A modern roof rack is equipped with the right locking mechanisms to safely transport your bikes. There is an alternative rack that attaches to the rear door, with three holding stations, overlapping each other, with a safe locking system. The front wheels on modern bicycles are quick release, and can be stored in the boot, which is ideal if you are transporting them on the roof, where they will sit upside down, with the handlebars and front forks secured to the rack. Fold-away bicycles have come a long way, and with designs that take up very little space, a large family could easily be accommodated. If you own a motorhome, fold-away bikes are invaluable, as space is a precious commodity.

Places to go

There are many beautiful parts of the British Isles that are worthy of a visit, and here are just a few,

Bike on Holiday

The Peak District

The Peak District was the first of England’s National Parks, and established in 1951, it attracts millions of visitors every year. As the pace of living has quickened over the past few decades, people are seeking the solitude, tranquility, and natural beauty that the Peak District has in abundance. Being immersed in such scenery definitely has a soothing effect, especially if you are used to the hustle and bustle of urban life.

The Peak District has many activities on offer, including,

  • Horse riding – One of the more popular attractions on hand in the Peak District.
  • Cable carrides – For a slow, scenic display as you glide above stunning forests and picturesque valleys.
  • Cycling – The bike treks are second to none, with both on and off-road tours available.

Of course, there is an abundance of hotels, yet perhaps the better choice is a country cottage holiday. With anything from a mansion that can sleep eighteen people, to a romantic cottage for two, the choice is varied, with something for all to appreciate. Many of us would love a short break in the country, but due to our pets, we are unable to go. Many country cottages are pet friendly, so you can walk your dog in beautiful surroundings, and give him a well-deserved break too. Your bikes are never far away if you fancy a ride around the country lanes, to explore your new surroundings.


Wales is a treasure trove of nature, and many people are enjoying spending their downtime in the northern part of this unspoiled land. It seems that for many years, the natural beauty of wales remained exclusive to the locals, yet today it is a favourite place for nature lovers to spend a week in the autumn, with scenic walks and stunning forests. With more than 1,600 miles of coastline, there are some idyllic villages, where fishing is the main industry. The north and central region is quite mountainous, making for spectacular views. A great place to take your bike, with many trails and lanes to explore.

The Lake District

A mountainous region of North West England, the Lake District is popular among tourists for its lakes, mountains, and forests. The home of Scafell Pike, the highest mountain in England, this region has the highest elevation in the country. The forests and valleys provide a refreshing change from the rocky landscapes, offering a wide range of natural environments, in which to spend your downtime. The peace and tranquility of the Lake District seem to repeatedly draw people back, returning year after year.There are footpaths and bridleways that cyclists can use, with many interesting trails, some quite demanding. If you own a campervan, you’ll be pleased to know there are campsites evenly spread around, so finding a suitable place for the night will not be an issue. If you don’t own one, but would like to have the motorhome holiday experience, there are several online rental companies, and with a range of sizes, you will find the ideal vehicle. All will be equipped with the essential facilities, and they even have fold-away bikes, in case you don’t yet own one.


This county sits on the tip of the South West peninsula of Great Britain, and is exposed to the full force of the prevailing winds from the Atlantic Ocean. From a nature lover’s point of view, Cornwall is an idyllic location to spend a few weeks. The unique culture, temperate climate, and spectacular landscape, make this a very popular tourist destination. Country cottages can be rented in scenic surroundings, while motorhomes are also provided for, with many campsites available. With cliffs and beaches that seem to go on forever, the Cornish coast is an ideal place to relax and unwind.

Biking is fun

The next time you take a domestic holiday, don’t forget your bike. Cycling around is a fun way to become acquainted with your holiday environment, with no car parking worries, or timetables to keep, cycling is the ideal way to spend a few hours a day.